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WindStax Rachel Carson Bridge Energy Flow: Current Settings

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This station is marked as supplying live data, however the data appears to be old. Please check the age of the data carefully before using it!

Settings Date: 2017-07-23 06:38:25
Report received 838:59:59 (hours:minutes:seconds) ago.
Inverter Settings
Model: MM1524
Revision: 1.4
Stack Mode: Standalone Unit
Remote Settings
Revision: 4.0
AC Search: No Searching, Always On
AC Shore Amps: 20
Low VAC Dropout: 80 VAC
Charge Rate: 40% of full value
Auto Generator Start: Off
Battery Size:200 amp/hours
Low Battery Cut-Out: 20.0 VDC
Battery Type: AGM2
Battery Monitor
Revision: 1.0
Battery Efficiency: Auto
Battery Size:200 amp/hours
Firmware Date: 2011-06-13

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