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732 Heritage Drive - Off-Grid Power System: Current Settings

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Settings Date: 2024-06-23 01:00:52
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Inverter Settings
Model: MS4448PAE
Revision: 5.1
Stack Mode: Standalone Unit
Remote Settings
Revision: 4.0
AC Search: 5 watts
AC Shore Amps: 30
Low VAC Dropout: EMS over-ride open relay
Charge Rate: 100% of full value
Auto Generator Start: Off
Battery Size:860 amp/hours
Low Battery Cut-Out: 46.0 VDC
Absorb Voltage: 60.0 VDC
Float Voltage: 54.0 VDC
Equalize Voltage: 62.4 VDC
Battery Monitor
Revision: 1.0
Battery Efficiency: Auto
Battery Size:860 amp/hours
Firmware Date: 2011-06-13

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