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Beaver Lake Mountain Resort Magnum Power System: Current Conditions

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Data Date: 2019-06-11 14:33:21 PDT
Report received ago.
Battery Monitor (ME-BMK)
State of Charge: 94%
volts / amps: 58.39 VDC @ 159.0 amps (9284 watts)
Amp Hours In / Out: -144 amp hours
volts Min / volts Max: 42.85 VDC Min / 62.09 VDC Max
rAH / tAH Out:6,553.5 AH / 833.0 kAH
Inverter (MS4448PAE)
Status: Inverting
LEDs: LED for Inverter Inverting
LED for Battery Charging Charging
Battery Temperature:32°C / 89°F
Transformer Temperature:57°C / 134°F
FET Temperature:45°C / 113°F
AC Out:Approximately 120 volts AC @ 37 amps
AC In:Inactive.
AC Frequency:60.0
DC volts / amps:
(Values are approximate)
58.0 VDC @ 102 amps (5916 watts)
AGS / Generator
AGS Temperature:27°C / 81°F
AGS Voltage:58.40 VDC
Generator Runtime:[3h 18m 0s]
Days Since Last Run:0 days
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