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To setup an account:

Please call Magnum Energy at 425-353-8833 or email with your chosen username (6 to 64 characters) and serial number of your MagWeb device after it has been connected to your always on internet connection.

After your account has been setup, using your username and password, please log into your account to personalize your website settings.

Things to consider:

You can change your password after logging into your account by clicking "Account Settings".

You can setup your Display Name, Time Zone, Time Zone offset, and Require login/password to view on the home screen by clicking "Modify Website Settings" for each device you have on your account.

When your website settings in your account are set to "Public can view" (default) anyone can view your website data without logging in using your serial number at:**** where **** is your MagWeb device serial number.

If you want to require a login to view your website data, on the Modify Website Settings pages click "Require login to view" button.

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